Serve Draft Beer At Your Big Game Party

The “Big Game” comes around every year, and your parties are epic.

Wings, dips, meatballs, and those fun little bacon-wrapped things…

But if you are still serving cans of beer, let us show you a better way, sports fan.

Draft Beer Wall Rental – Pictured above is the “Uptown”

Our Draft Beer Walls help you dispense that crisp, cold nectar of the gods easily without having to figure out how to have 3 hands to pump the

keg and not spill your beer.

Rent a Draft Beer Wall for your party today!

The wall is self-contained, meaning we need no electricity. We simply roll it into place, hook it up, and beer is served in about 20 minutes.

You can pick your own beer flavor to put on tap.

There is still time to get beer for the big game this weekend, just let us know where to deliver the wall.


Click here to request your rental


P.S. Whether you are rooting for that team from Philly or that team from Kansas City, beer from the draft wall will be COLD and DELICIOUS.